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Monday, September 27, 2010

The list

As I mentioned in the first post, the 25 by 25 list is meant to serve as a vehicle to live life... better more. Many of the items on my list are things I’ve never done. Some are things I’ve attempted and not been able to sustain. Some are things I haven’t done in many many years (some are even things I’ve done in the last month but it’s taken that long to design the blog). So, in no particular order:

25 by 25
1. Visit a new city
2. Sell something I have made
3. Eat a totally new ingredient/food
4. Ride a roller coaster (again)
5. Watch the sun rise or set (coast appropriate)
6. Have visited every Smithsonian in D.C.
7. Take a self-defense class
8. Take a class (not self-defense)
9. Work on a Habitat for Humanity site with my dad
10. Donate blood
11. Play with a baby animal
12. Read 10 books
13. Try a new alternative therapy
14. Fly a kite (again)
15. Go down in clothing size
16. Go somewhere new in D.C.
17. Write a letter
18. Start a blog
19. Pet a llama
20. Teach someone something
21. Roast a chicken
22. Host a 5-course dinner party (don’t serve roast chicken)
23. Create a monthly budget. Try to stick to it.
24. Spend some time with a child
25. One item from my 30 by 30 list

Do you have a similar list? Is anything from my list on yours? Anything here you’ve done before and have a great story? I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Please send me a letter to my new address in Wilmington, DE! You know how much I love postcards!

  2. Email me your new address, Miss Anna!

  3. Number 23 on your list is something I've always struggled with. But I recently discovered a really helpful website, that if I use it regularly I think could really help in the budgeting department:

    I'm inspired by your list and thinking of things I'd like to do in my 25th year as well!

  4. That website looks really cool, thanks for the tip Malorie! Admittedly, that item is one that I'm holding off on for a bit... maybe as part of a New Year's resolution?

    Let me know if you decide to publish your list!