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Thursday, October 14, 2010

#18 Start a blog

Some of this might not make sense as I haven’t written an “About Me” post yet, but a week full of food events (cookbook author talks, food trucks, new foodie friends on Twitter, and planning birthday cupcakes) ended with a totally unrelated conversation about food blogging at Friday night dinner. Actually, when I’ve told people that I started a blog, many have assumed it was a food blog.

If you’ve read the previous posts, you know I’m no food blogger, though there are a few food related items on my list. For some time now, before starting BIG+bold, I toyed with many ideas for blogging, food being just one, but couldn’t settle on one with any cohesion. The same way that the 25 by 25 list is an experiment in living, exposing myself to more experiences and opportunities, BIG+bold is an experiment in blogging, exposing myself to more topics and options.

Before taking the plunge into blogging, I did a lot of reading of tips and tricks for starting blogs, some of which was helpful, but lots of which was irrelevant. It took a little too long to occur to me that I should seek advice from the bloggers I know and love. But when I did, I finally contacted my friend Jaci, who just celebrated the third birthday of her blog Everyday Sassypants the beginning of this month! Check it out and you’ll see why I asked her.

For now, I’m trying to listen to the little voice in my head (that sounds like a cross between a Regal Tang fish and Ellen DeGeneres) saying “just keep blogging.”

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